Dear little miss busy,


You wake up every morning having slept through your alarm. To make up for lost time, you grab the first thing you can find in your wardrobe, your trusty pair of now faded denim. On your way to work, you briefly glance at yourself in the mirror, realizing you’re wearing the same sweater as yesterday. ‘Hopefully nobody notices,’ you think to yourself as you spend the rest of the morning feeling self-conscious. Upon arriving at work, you are immediately struck by how fabulous and put together everyone else is looking. You promise yourself that from tomorrow, you will start making more of an effort, a promise you have been making yourself for years.


I’m Quincy the founder of Quincy B. Accessories LLC, and I am here to tell you that your style journey doesn’t need to continue this way. Like you, I couldn't find the time to focus on fashion and style. For years I was juggling being a single mom and running a business, a busy lifestyle that caused me to put ‘looking good’ on the back burner, until one day I had an epiphany…


Suddenly, I realized that putting together a fabulous outfit didn’t require a lot of extra time or money, particularly when accessories are involved. You see, one can instantly create a fresh take on an old outfit by adding an eye-catching necklace and a pair of statement earrings. Once I discovered the power of accessorizing, I found myself falling in love with my old clothing as well as experimenting with simple but chic silhouettes by adding excitement with a dash of bling. After coming to the realization that throwing on a pair of cute earrings or the right belt, takes under a minute, I knew I no longer had an excuse to walk out the door feeling less than fabulous – and I was happy about it!


Accessorizing also taught me something else about my fashion journey, it taught me the power of dressing for myself. I want to share this message with fellow busy ladies who are looking for an easy, quick, and affordable way to look stylish. When you’re feeling lonely at home, put on a sparkly necklace for instant mood boost. If you’re feeling less than confident, throw on your most dramatic pair of hoops and live your best life. Jewelry has immense power, not to transform the woman, but to transform how she sees yourself. At Quincy B. Accessories, we believe that with the right accessories, a woman can conquer anything!